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Opportunities & Subsidiaries

Eurojobs Logo


Eurojobs.com is the largest truly European Job Site, hosting on average over 5 million jobs in Europe. This job board serves the goal of diminishing unemployment because employment is one of our main priorities, Eurojobs integrates well into our goals.  This growing website will help people find jobs all over Europe.

Eurojobs together with OTI Group, undertake a variety of research projects to better understand the needs of the employer and the job seeker, build educational programs and enhance our online platform to offer better services to our users.

Eurojobs will also be planning a variety of Job Fairs all over Europe, check out our events section for updates and information.


JobsToDo is our on-demand marketplace offering freelancers and companies endless possibilities.   JobsToDo focuses primarily on the European market.  Continuing with our priority of employment, JobsToDo helps many people become self-employed, managing their own time and services while allowing businesses to pay for what they need when they need it.

Just like all things, we grow with the times and the needs of the public.  JobsToDo is currently undergoing a major upgrade to incorporate new services and options both for the freelancers and the employers out there.

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OTI Media

OTI Media was born out of necessity, both the needs of the market and the talent.  With the online world becoming ever so popular the needs for services in this arena have just grown, and so have the lists of talented individuals who are able to meet these demands, but are sadly still unemployed.  We created OTI Media, an initiative of OTI Group, which is a Social Enterprise designed to help both sides.

We pooled together a group of talented individuals, able to offer the best services in media and online services and created by OTI Media.  Offered services consist of Graphic Design & AnimationWeb-DesignVideo EditingMultimedia Design, to Radio/Tv/Web AdvertisingSocial Media handling and everything in between.

 OTI Media has become a core employer for talented people in the Information Technology and Design fields and a major service provider for the industry.  With an ever-growing talent pool and service profile, OTI Media is your next stop for great media content.


Thimame.com is our online superstore, hosting over 100,000 products, from school supplies to home appliances, jewellery and great gift ideas.

Thimame.com is not only a superstore but also an opportunity for new entrepreneurs to open their own shops on the Thimame platform and sell their products, offering advice and support to all new businesses.

Thimame.com has an amazing reminder system built-in to ensure that you never forget any special occasion again.

All net proceeds of Thimame.com  go to co-fund various projects and iniatives by OTI Group and One Terrene International.

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Go Remote Project

"Unlocking the potential of remote job opportunities!"

During the year 2020, Covid-19 has influenced work life around the globe in two significant ways:

1) unemployment, especially among youth, has skyrocketed;

2) remote work is becoming the “new normal”.

Usually, rapid changes exacerbate inequality, yet with this project, we aim to counter the negative effects (unemployment) with the positive ones (remote work) and develop an integrated A to Z approach that provides new access to employment for NEET youth in rural areas and young mothers (25-29) through remote work.

The project will open 2 ways for youth to gain remote employment in Latvia, Cyprus, Croatia and Bulgaria:

To construct impactful activities, we will begin with expertise-partner-led in-depth research (from ISL, NOR, FIN), creating youth, employer and market need assessment, and developing a roadmap for a training plan and job speed-dating events.

HRDA Accredited
Vocational Training Structure

We have been accredited as a Vocational Training Structure with the name OTI Professional Development Centre with Certificate Number: 440 (Greek).

The accredited structure in our center has:

  • 16 Comfortable Spaces for Learners
  • Fully equipped Educational Training Center
  • Interactive Screen for audiovisual presentations
  • Suitable Resting Spaces
  • and other Facilities

To see our current courses offered and funded by HRDA for Vocational Educational & Training visit:

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