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One Terrene International

One Terrene International (OTI), in short OTI, is the parent/umbrella of an international network of organisations involved in adult education and youth work in a variety of fields in Europe.

The organisation was born in 2009 in London, UK and in 2011 in Cyprus and now its network has spread out to more than 14 countries including but not limited to Greece, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and other OTI locals in EU and non-EU countries. The organisation has strong partnerships with Eastern European Partnership countries and EUROMED countries as well.

The organisation has been very active in various funding frameworks, from Youth in Action since 2009, Erasmus+ Projects since its start in 2014 for all Key Actions youth and adult education. OTI has been involved and is involved in EEA Grants, Horizon, Europe for Citizens, Turing, Eurodesk and European Social Fund Projects. We are always open to new collaborations and project ideas.

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Smilify.eu is an initiative that helps the communities that need it most, it allows anyone to make any donation to any cause they want to support with us, and in return, we will give you a badge that says you gave someone a smile.  Some of these badges will be NFTs and you will own them forever.  Every cent raised by OTI in it’s smilify campaigns goes to help people in needs, so every time you donate any amount, you will be giving someone a reason to smile.

For all of us, smiling should be for free and we should all have reason to smile.  At OTI believe that smiling is important, and giving someone else a reason to smile is the greatest gift we can give.  We created Smilify, an initiative that helps our communities have reasons to smile, and we give smiles in return.

Help us make the world smile more.

Planet Earth Watch

Planet Earth Watch is an initiative of OTI Group which monitors our planet by looking for environmental problems.  The project is made up of people from around the globe who care about our planet and our environment. 

Planet Earth Watch is more of a cause, where anyone can join and update the information on problems and even good things.  When problems are identified we either send in a team of volunteers to help or inform the proper authorities.  If needed we will also initiate legal action where required.

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